Ford Motor Company

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Since 1977, Ford has maintained a regular presence on the Georgia Tech campus through involvement with Career Services, co-op and internship programs, Georgia Tech Cable Network, and GT Motor sports. Many Georgia Tech students have benefited from Ford’s commitment to diversity through programs such as FOCUS, EMERGE, OMED, and the Ford Fellowship program.

Georgia Tech faculty and students have investigated a variety of research issues of interest to Ford Motor Company in programs such as the Integrated Acoustics Laboratory (IAL), Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (SDM), Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute (RPMI) and The Logistics Institute (TLI). Ford has also benefited from research conducted at Tech’s Intelligent Systems and Control Lab, Precision Machining Research Consortium, and the Keck Virtual Factory Laboratory.

Georgia Tech students and researchers in the field of Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Advanced Technology and Development have access to state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories located in the Ford Motor Company Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) building. Research conducted in the Ford Motor Company ES&T building focuses on sustainable technology and innovative solutions to environmental concerns. The importance of developing and improving sustainable technology cannot be overstated as environmental concerns continue to shape manufacturing policies worldwide.

Georgia Tech’s multi-year collaborative research program on sustainability and strategic decision-making for product/process design and manufacturing operations has resulted in projects with near- and long-term relevance to the advancement of sustainability in the manufacturing setting. Our projects have not only resulted in cost savings to the company, but also created opportunities for culture change, and have proven to be effective methods of talent development for students, faculty and Ford professionals. A few highlights of our accomplishments can be summarized as:

  • Developed a model to predict environmental burdens for tolerance decisions and machine technology selection
    • Case study—Predicted the cost difference and environmental impact between hard and green finished gears
    • Model is currently being used in new technology selection resulting in man hour savings and higher quality decision making considering environmental impacts
  • Analyzed the environmental, economic, and social aspects for a global sustainability packaging decision. The new design will result in a cost savings for phase 1 and will improve the environmental performance over current cardboard packaging system.
    • Environmental performance assessment of electronics locations in the 6F transmissions
    • Triple bottom line assessment: Fill for life alternative 6R transmission