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Environmental Systems I
ARCH 3231
Sustainable Urban Development
CP 6233

Explores the principles and practice of sustainable urban development and the role of planning.

Land Conservation
CP 4105

This course considers the distinctive American view of land and history of the conservation movement, then discusses the why and how of modern land conservation.

Computing and Society
CS 4001

Examines the role and impact of information and communication technology in society, with emphasis on ethical, professional, and public policy issues. Credit not allowed for both CS 4001 and 4002.

MSE 4171

The course is designed to give the students an opportunity to learn about environmentally conscious design, the growing national and international efforts in reducing the environmental impact of products, and how the environmental considerations affect the design's technical, economical and quality requirements.

Environmental Degredation
MSE 4010

Theory of environmental degradation of metals, ceramics, polymers, and biomaterials. Emphasis on the scientific principles of corrosion and physical degradation.

Advanced Biomaterials
MSE 6777

Advanced topics of biomaterials performance and engineering, including biointerfaces, host reactions of materials, and bio-inspired/smart-materials strategies. Crosslisted with BMED, ME, and MSE 6777.

Industrial Ecology and Natural Systems
ISYE 8813-B

This course provides students with the analytical skills to address global energy and environmental problems. The course examines the use of materials and energy on the industrial, national, and global scale, the interaction of technological and natural systems, and the potential for reducing the impacts through new technology and approaches.

Energy Technology and Policy
ISYE 8802 / PUB 8803 D

This course examines the policies and technologies affecting the production and use of energy, focusing in particular on innovative and sustainable energy options. The course provides a fundamental understanding of energy systems, including historical trends of supply and demand, resources and technologies, and related economic, global climate change, and security issues.

Introduction to Complex Environmental Systems
EAS 6135

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the concepts of environmental complexity through a tangible exploration of the inter-relationships between natural (air, land, water, and biomes), human (demography, economy, equity, and sustainability), and built systems (energy, transportation, water resources, waste management, and land use). Students will draw on experiences, examples, and current events afforded by the proximity of metropolitan Atlanta, and will develop an open-code computer model that simulates and predicts regional system performance as it relates to quality of life.

A Balance of Power: Energy, the Environment, and Sociey
EAS 2803

The rising global demand for fossil fuels, coupled with increasing concern about global warming, have made the search for affordable alternative energies a matter of local, national, and international importance. The path towards alternative energy infrastructures for the 21st century requires careful consideration of economic, environmental, technological, and political factors. This interdisciplinary course will blend current events, guest speakers, lively discussion, and a wide array of literature to separate fact from fiction in the heated debate concerning our nation's energy and climate future.`

Learning from Bioneers
BIOL 4801
Business and the Environment
MGT 8803

This course takes a holistic view of the interaction of businesses with the environment. It outlines reasons why businesses would want to care about environmental issues, introduces environmental assessment and management tools, and visits topics from various business functions.