Research Opportunities

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We always have research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Our current openings are listed in the Word document below. Please contact us if you're interested in any of the positions.

Graduate Research

Most of our projects involve graduate students and every year, we have new funded projects for which we recruit students to be Graduate Research Assistants. A description of current projects that are in need of students is listed here.

We make a distinction between Master’s and Ph.D. projects. Master’s projects are typically a year and a half to two years in duration and are very focused on achieving certain results. Ph.D. type projects are longer term and focused on providing significant contributions to science and/or engineering. All of our PhD projects are supported by the National Science Foundation whereas most of our Master’s projects are supported by industry. A typical MS project would start in Fall and during the Fall and Spring semesters, the student would take classes and perform research at Georgia Tech. Many of our MS projects involve a summer internship in which the student goes to the company sponsoring the research to work on-site at the company on his/her research. This supports (confidential) data gathering and information dissemination. It also provides a unique opportunity for the student to gain practical industrial experience and for the company to get a good in-depth look at a potential future employee. After the first summer, most MS students take two more semesters to finish their classes, research, and MS thesis.

For students interested in a PhD, we try to find long term funding. Many of our PhD students choose to do a MS thesis on the way. It is good practice in writing and presenting a complete body of work and in many cases an excellent prequel to the PhD dissertation. PhD students can also do summer internships to foster their research. All of this is on a case by case basis and tailored to suit everybody’s needs and desires as much as possible.

Undergraduate Research

Most of our projects for undergraduate research are on a “for credit” basis and typically limited to engineering majors that our faculty are associated with, but occasionally we have an opportunity for an undergraduate “for pay” type projects that can be open to different majors. Occasionally we post such projects here, so check back frequently.